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About Kode-Afrik

KODE – AFRIK LTD was incorporated in March 2013 in Uganda with a vision of providing Professional and technical services in graphics & website designing, preventive computer maintenance, computer networking and other IT related disciplines.

Started by two talented and determined professionals in the information & communications technologies, Kode – Afrik has managed to triumph amidst a number of setbacks and challenges of the global world.

This is evidenced in the way many opportunities of work are coming in from various clients all over that appreciate our services.

Three years down the road, Kode – Afrik  has been involved mainly in preventive computer maintenance, networking, websites & hosting, graphics & printery, and software development activities that she has successfully completed in different parts of the country and outside the country.

Commitment to quality work remains our top priority and we are always on the struggle to improve in order to be more efficient and effective.

All our glorious achievements are attributed to a dedicated, promising and competent team of staff both supportive and technical.

They are well versed in a wide range of services like project design, contract management, cost control, scheme operation, commissioning and advice on technical operations and provision of record plans to mention but a few. All these and many more merge as the base of our effective work.

Considering the specific economic situation in Uganda, Kode -Afrik has been offering service at the "Create Economic Efficiency out of Effective Economic Management". As you read further into this profile, you get to reality about the actual Kode - Afrik, a company willing to serve you in our continued partnership with our clients. Try it with Kode -Afrik and you will not regret; it is always professionalism with quality and willingness to serve you.

Our skills

Search Engine Marketing

Our services

  • Software Programming.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Hardware Sales.

Our values

  • We highly believe in responsive delivery of client Services
  • We enhance team talent through trust and partnership.
  • We strive to enhance service delivery at the appropriate time.

Our clients